Bodybuilding Nutrition Made Simple

Many bodybuilders know they need to have “good nutrition” to build a great physique but they are not quite sure where to start as nutrition seems complicated and mysterious – its not! Bodybuilding nutrition is really quite simple if you use a top-down approach. A lot of the confusion people have is that they hear “you should do this” and “you should do that” only to find that all the advice seems to conflict and doesn’t seem to fit into a bigger picture. here I’m going to give you Read more [...]

7 Ab Exercises to Get That Six-Pack

Here are GI’s Top exercises to work your core and get you on your way to sculpting a six-pack (or perfecting the one you already have). 1) Crunches There’s a reason the fitness world is so crazy about crunches. They work. Lie on the floor with your knees bent and your arms crossed over your chest. Lift only your shoulders and upper back, and then return to the floor position. (Note: Avoid relying on momentum to move your body up and down. Maintain complete control of your abs at all times.) Read more [...]


In 1977, a gritty documentary introduced bodybuilding to the world. Pumping Iron  enlightened and inspired millions of aspiring bodybuilders and casual fans. On September 20, 2013, Generation Iron, a new movie featuring modern giants, will hit theaters and reintroduce the sport. Before Arnold Schwarzenegger became The Terminator and Lou Ferrigno became The Incredible Hulk, the docudrama Pumping Iron displayed the preparation of these two legends and many others throughout their great battle Read more [...]

Weight Training in Bodybuilding

If you want to really concentrate on bodybuilding, weight training is an important part of your workout program. Weight training in bodybuilding is a very huge part of any exercise regimen, but it's not the only part. However, when you have a strong weight training plan, your bodybuilding goals become easier to achieve. In order to work certain muscle groups, you need to lift weights that will provide resistance to those areas. As you start your weight training bodybuilding program, remember to Read more [...]